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Skin Care Living is committed to providing beauty solutions, tips and hacks, product reviews, and more, to help you achieve that natural blush and glow. It is a collection of blogs, step by step skin care guidelines, and in-depth honest-to-goodness beauty discussions. It includes everything from the talk-of-the-town beauty products to debunking skin care myths.

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How it All Began | A Brief History of Skin Care

Before eye creams and facial mists cluttered everybody’s glam bags, skin care regimens and routines existed.

Some of the earliest accounts of when skin care was first used were when Queens of Egypt turned to nature to beautify their appearance. So back then, using natural beauty products proved effective. Egyptians used creams and oils as skin moisturizers and anti-aging lotions. It protected their skin from the hot and dry climate.

Evidence suggests that skin care existed long ago; the Chinese began their healthy and holistic skin care regimen. It links the importance of what you are eating to the appearance of your skin. It focuses on nutrition, health, and blood circulation.

The Romans emphasized the importance of daily bathing to skin care. White skin was an indication of wealth while darker skin symbolizes poverty. This led Roman women to use olive oil, lead, or chalk to whiten their complexion.

The obsession towards having white skin back then spread across Europe. The use of lead-based products became worse. European women have stopped taking regular baths to preserve the powder on their skin. They also use strong vinegar, milk, and urine on their skin.

The different skin care routines of the past civilizations led to an important revolution to creating healthier skin care products. It paved the way for companies to use safe ingredients that improve the look and feel of our skin.

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Why is Skin Care Important?

Beauty and skincare go hand in hand. The skin is the body’s largest organ. More than just aesthetics, it works every day to protect your body from harmful elements like pollution, dirt, bacteria, and such. Most people limit skin care to the face. But that should not be the case. Skincare should be done for the body as well.

Your skin is affected by your life’s day to day events; what you eat, where you live, what beauty products you use, and more. As you age, the skin’s ability to repair itself slows down. It can no longer repair damaged cells immediately and loses its elasticity. It is important to take care of your skin and develop a regimen to help it function better and look younger.

So, what’s the best thing to do? Start a good skin care habit and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is what Skin Care Living is committed to doing. We’ll keep updated with the latest beauty trends and find the right approach just for you.

Start your holistic Skin Care now. When you look good, you feel good!