Claire Tucker

"A freelance multimedia artist who designs websites and create graphic designs for good people. There's nothing really special about me..."

Stephanie Caldwell

"Stephanie's quite into skin care, spending most of her time reviewing products, trying out challenges, and even exploring brands. A..."

Jenny Park

"Author of a blog called "The Sunny Side", a collection of budding summer stories and experiences from anonymous people. I..."

Deborah Howell

"Take the time to indulge in what life has to offer. Having a family and raising children didn't stop me..."

Alexis Knight

"Being a writer is almost like a breather for me. We can get a little freaky and let our inner..."

Demi Norwood

"Skin care is just one thing that I am really interested in. I love caring for my skin and I..."

Donna Newman

"I aim to live my life to the fullest. I won't apologize for who I am. I am who I..."

Emily Jordan

"Words can lift up a person as well as bring them down. Be mindful of the words you say and..."

Sophia Smith

"Pick one: Good things don't come to those who wait or good things come to those who are willing to..."

Clara Foley

"I'm a self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast who likes to alter and transform old clothes into new ones! I always view fashion..."

Sara Chang

"Hi, I'm Sara! I'm a half Chinese and half American exchange student who was given the opportunity to experience the..."

Courtney Hughes

"Hi, I'm Courtney! I'm a full time writer with a never ending thirst for new experiences and adventures."