Everyday Small Skin Care Tricks to Try

By: | Apr 19, 2018

Routines, as the name indicates, are just repeated performances that get boring every time. And who needs boring nowadays especially when the field of beauty and personal care continues to evolve? If you want to take your regimens a notch higher, then no need to deviate from your usual routine! Give your everyday natural skin care a twist with these tricks that are fun and easy to do.

Warning: Highly addictive!

Clear Skin All Day

#1 Ditch Soaps for A Gentler Facial Wash

Sometimes, it’s your products that are at fault. Although technically, it’s you who picked the product. But it’s understandable if you don’t know much about skin care. The catch is, most people think that it’s alright to use soaps for the face. But it’s actually a big no-no. Soaps are too harsh! Remember that the skin is highly sensitive. Using harsh products damage it. You may experience it as having dry or excessively oily skin. You know what you can use for cleansers? Essential oils! We recommend castor oil since it also has high antibacterial properties that fight acne-causing germs.

#2 Make Your Own Homemade Scrub

There are a lot of ingredients in your kitchen that you can make into a scrub. Forget about loofah or expensive exfoliators. Just look for rock salt or sugar, whichever you prefer, and some essential oils (for fragrance). Mix them together with almond oil or coconut oil and you now have a moisturizing scrub that purifies the skin! For this scrub, we vote for rose essential oil. Its soothing scent will never fail to stimulate your senses. Its therapeutic effects will also boost the benefits of using this scrub.

Beautiful Rose in Hand

#3 Whip Up A Moisturizing Body Spray

Who knew that you can now moisturize the skin and at the same time smell really good? Essential oils are really good for the skin because they are highly moisturizing. Even though they are thick, they still reach the deeper layers to hydrate it fully. Magical right? Plus, they have unique scents that appeal to the senses. Just mix 7-10 drops of any fragrant oil with 4 ounces of water and put it in a spray bottle. You now have a body spray that is great for the skin!

#4 Drink Just A Glass of Water Before Bed

You’re probably tired of hearing this from experts, but drink a lot of water! However, it’s best to do it all throughout the day and not before bed. Don’t drink too much before sleeping. It disrupts your body cycle and you might feel the need to get up and pee in the middle of the night. Although this is common, there are still cases that it keeps a person up all throughout the night.

Young and Radiant Skin

#5 Easily Treat Acne With Essential Oils

Instead of using some expensive chemical formula, you can instead look for essential oils that have the following properties: anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and astringent. They help the skin soothe and get rid of those skin care concerns! You might want to check out the castor oil of Viva Naturals. You can also use it for other purposes! They are versatile and really healthy for the skin.

#6 Add a Drop of Oil in Your Skin Care Products

Whether it’s for your face, whole body, or just your lips, a drop of essential oil works just as well. It boosts the moisturizing effects, adds fragrance, and keeps signs of aging at bay.

Soft and Smooth Skin

#7 Don’t Cover Up Puffy Eyes, Use These Instead!

If you woke up to having puffy eyes, there’s no need to cover them up with a lot of makeup. Instead, look for green tea bags and soak in lukewarm water and let it sit on your eyes for a few minutes. It has anti-inflammatory properties and a lot of antioxidants that reduce the swelling. A better alternative? Ice cold spoons!

#8 If You Can’t Resist Popping That Acne, Do This!

Some people just can’t resist popping their acne. It looks really unappealing and sometimes, it bothers you to feel that one zit on your face. If it’s ripe and looks like it’s about to pop anyway, wrap a tissue around your fingers before you commit the crime! It prevents dirt and bacteria from infecting that pimple or spreading it to other parts of your face.

#9 Smile!

Smiling actually helps alleviate some feelings of stress and anxiety. And if there’s anything everyone is familiar about, then it’s the negative effects of stress, causing acne and pimples and even for frown lines to deepen. Keep the aging away and just smile!