Natural Remedies for Your Skin Care Woes

By: | Apr 27, 2018

It’s time for a revolution. If you think that chemical products are all there is when it comes to solving your skin care woes, you’ve been duped. Nature has amazing powers that heal and soothe irritation, skin conditions, and other issues you might have. And without the extra baggage of a pricey value. Essential oils are only recently rising in fame even if they’ve already been here all this time.

The growing movement for a more natural and healthier lifestyle exposes just how much we’ve been missing out on. Essential oils and natural ingredients? Who knew that they could have saved you from having to suffer in silence as your skin itches from acne? You could have youthful teenage days without the awkwardness and embarrassment just by applying some castor oil on face. But it’s not too late for you to finally see the truth.

Learn more about these natural remedies that will put an end to your skin care woes. Look out for a load of fun and an amazing skin transformation.

Skin Care Living - Natural Remedies for Your Skin Care Woes

Versatile Essential Oils for Skin

Ever heard of the miraculous oils taken from organic sources? Essential oils are the bomb when it comes to skin care. With a wide variety of oils to choose from, you’ll surely have a hard time containing your excitement. But wait, before you click to buy that product, you first need to learn how to use it and if it’s suitable for your needs.

Not every oil has the same effects but let us tell you just how effective they are for your skin care woes. With a lot of therapeutic effects, you’ve found a treasure box full of health benefits that will transform your skin from looking old and dull to a young and glowing one.

Many vitamins and minerals that your body needs are also present in essential oils. They are natural sources of nourishment that nurtures and soothes the skin from inside out. From dryness to irritation, redness, and even skin conditions – these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to skin issues that essential oils can solve. For a high-quality choice that you’d want to try, we recommend the pure castor oil of Beauty Aura.

Skin Care Living - Natural Remedies for Your Skin Care Woes

Your Everyday Kitchen Ingredients

Whether you believe it or not, ordinary ingredients that you can find in your kitchen are actually good for your skin. In fact, even the most common ingredients like sugar, salt, milk, and honey work well in exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. The secret in finding the unique abilities of these everyday ingredients is to be imaginative enough to explore unfamiliar roads.

There’s basic science involved even in beauty and personal care. Sugar, as an example, is an emolliating product. This means that it moisturizes the skin. But its gentle and tiny particle is also perfect for exfoliation. You can exfoliate the skin while also making sure that it does not get dry or irritated. Same goes for sea salt, it’s an ideal ingredient that you can mix with oils and other natural ingredients to create a bath salt that relieves skin dryness.

Skin Care Living - Natural Remedies for Your Skin Care Woes

Herbs, Plants, Fruits, and Flowers for A Luscious Skin

Ayurvedic medicine is one of the longest types of treatment even before technology swept over our lives. It proves just how well organic ingredients like herbs, plants, and flowers, work in healing skin conditions. For example, aloe vera is quite effective if you’ve got sunburn or if your skin dries to the point that it hinders everyday life. Mix it with oils and you’ll get a bright and supple skin. You can even add some rose petals and oats with rose oil. Applying this mixture of rose oil on face every night protects the skin from signs of aging.

Even cucumbers, tea bags, tomatoes, lemons have wonderful effects on your skin. Aside from ingesting these ingredients, applying them directly on the skin gives amazing results.

Skin Care Living - Natural Remedies for Your Skin Care Woes

Massage and Natural Methods of Skin Care

Aside from products, there are also remedies for your skin care woes that come in the form of methods. Did you know that massaging your skin helps with blood circulation? This is effective if you’re suffering from skin conditions like acne, inflammation and even drying.

There’s also this unknown method called skin brushing. There’s a tool made just for this purpose. It helps promote skin cell renewal and boost blood flow that improves the health of your skin. Even drinking plenty of water or getting enough sleep is considered as natural skin care methods.

Aside from saving money, you would have spent in buying chemical products, you’ll also enjoy these methods and ingredients. Give it a go and you’ll see yourself wanting for more.