Transition from Teenager to Young Adult: How Aging Affects the Skin

By: | Apr 25, 2018

Growing up means being responsible for yourself. You grow conscious of your hygiene and looks. Appearance matters. It always does. Your first impressions are always based on how a person looks. From the way they carry themselves to how old or young someone looks, these things affect how you perceive them.

This is why proper skin care is vital in the period where a teenager transitions to a young adult. Aging has physical effects on the skin. If acne and pimples are your enemies when you were a teenager, then skin care products are your ally. Here’s how aging affects your skin and how to protect it from deterioration.

Skin Care Living - Transition from Teenager to Young Adult - How Aging Affects the Skin

From Acne to Wrinkles

Your hormones act up when you enter the stage of puberty. It does not only cause for unwanted hair to grow on some parts of your body but it also triggers acne and breakouts. Your first year of being a teenager is probably the worse.

You’re still trying to find your way around on making pimples and zits go away but once you’ve learned to handle them, you’re on your way to developing wrinkles. Stress causes both acne and wrinkles. But having acne is actually better since there are treatments you can use and a cheap castor oil is one of them. Wrinkles and fine lines are actually harder to fade.

And if you can cover up acne, you won’t be able to do the same with fine lines unless you layer up on loads of foundation. If this is a problem for you, you might want to know more about rose essential oil. It is an astringent that tightens the skin and helps it recover from sagging.

Skin Care Living - Transition from Teenager to Young Adult - How Aging Affects the Skin

The Loss of Radiance

A youthful skin boasts of an even tone and a healthy glow. However, as you age, you lose the brightness of your skin. It can due to several factors such as the lack of moisture and nourishment. But this is a common occurrence. It is also often partnered up with drying. Having dry and coarse skin aggravates skin aging.

You can prevent this by choosing the perfect moisturizer for your skin type. There are also a lot of brightening creams that deliver vitamins and minerals which your skin has lost. These substances works on improving the radiance of your skin.

Skin Care Living - Transition from Teenager to Young Adult - How Aging Affects the Skin

Sagging and Tired Skin

Tired skin can be characterized by dullness, drying, oiliness, and sagging. These are all effects of the lack of proper care. Among these things, sagging is probably your biggest problem. The natural processes of the skin that are responsible for providing nutrients naturally found in it also slows down. For example, collagen. This is a familiar word since most products either provides collagen or boosts its production. It is linked to the skin’s elasticity and the lack of it results to sagging.

It’s impossible to turn back time and you can’t just easily restore the youth of your skin. Its tightness and elasticity might look like they’re evaporating at a fast rate. Save your skin from sagging before it gets worse.

Your first action is to cut down on cosmetics. Or if not possible, from chemically-induced skin care products. Next is to treat your skin gently. This means no scrubbing, no harsh abrasions, and more importantly, mild cleansing. Look at Natural Riches and their castor oil for eyelashes and skin care.