Travel Guide: Easy On-the-Go Skin Care

By: | Apr 20, 2018

Stuck in traffic? Waiting for the plane to land? Wherever you are this instant, you’ll probably want to look good and charming even when you’re stressed. Because who isn’t stressed nowadays? Our schedules are so packed that we don’t even have enough time for some pampering.

But just because you’re busy doesn’t mean that you should forget the basics of your beauty routine. A busy and chaotic lifestyle calls for an on-the-go skin care that leaves you looking and feeling fresh even when you’re feeling stressed. Here are some pointers for a hassle-free skin care during travel that you might want to know about.

Skin Care Living - Travel Guide Easy On-the-Go Skin Care

#1 Cleansing the Skin is A Priority

While you don’t have any sink, soap, or water to bring with you, remember that cleansing is always a priority. While retouching your makeup’s another way to look fresh and flawless, men, don’t have this luxury. Plus, dirt and pollution stick to the skin as you travel. Oil also tends to create a shine all over your face, giving you that ugly, unappealing sheen.

If you’re traveling and doesn’t have any means to wash your face, cleansing pads are very convenient. They are easy to bring and provides purifying means for your skin. Fast and easy, these pads are truly the product of advanced methods.

Beauty Secret: Essential oils are also ideal products for cleansing. Applying either castor oil or rose oil for skin purification is the secret of most beauty experts.

Skin Care Living - Travel Guide Easy On-the-Go Skin Care

#2 Spray-On Toners

If you’re pressed for time or if you just don’t have enough energy to open a cap and pour out some toner on a cotton or on your palm, spray-on toners do the trick. You can always just transfer the product to a spray container. Toners are astringent which means that they leave the skin looking and feeling tight. Like rose oil, there are other products that you can use to give your skin that firm look.

But an advantage of using rose absolute oil mixed with purified water is that it preps your skin for other products. It improves the ability of skin to absorb formulas better. You can say that it’s the perfect booster of formulas. And another perk is that one bottle of this oil makes for a lot of spray toners!

Skin Care Living - Travel Guide Easy On-the-Go Skin Care

#3 Easy Moisturizing With Essential Oils

Did you know that a better way to moisturize the skin is to use essential oils? Shiny Leaf outlines the perks of using these organic formulas to keep the skin feeling soft and smooth to the touch. They are easy to absorb and even hydrates the deeper layers of the skin for a moisturized look all throughout the day.

Since we just love all beautiful oils, we recommend that you use lavender or rose oil on face. To say that we like rose oil is an understatement. It’s one of our favorites with its soothing and therapeutic effects. In fact, this blog could have been all about rose oil and its efficiency as an all-around beauty product. But we have to drive the point home – there are other products that work just as well as on-the-go beauty goods.

Skin Care Living - Travel Guide Easy On-the-Go Skin Care

#4 Protecting the Skin with Sunscreen

Of course, travel skin care is not complete without sunscreen. Just thinking about walking under the sun without protection is cringe-worthy. Sadly, rose oil does not have any benefits that protect the skin from the dangers of sun exposure. But you can always compensate with effective sunscreens. Make sure to choose goods that have broad spectrum SPF.

This means that it can protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays which are two different things that also cause different damages. These radiations are also primary factors of premature skin aging. Spots, wrinkles, and fine lines? Prolonged exposure to the sun speeds up aging! Avoid this catastrophe by making sure to slap on some sunscreen.