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Skin has various needs from nourishment, moisture, hydration, and other essentials to keep it healthy and young. When you say skin care, Nivea is a popular brand that excels in this field. Among their collection, the Nivea Crème is truly one of the oldest products in the market that still captures the heart of the user, no matter what their age is.

It has very little ingredient but still boasts of great moisturizing and skin care abilities. This cold cream also has the classic mild scent that is comforting and does not linger for long after application.

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    Nivea Crème for Soft and Supple Skin

    A perk of using this cream is that it does not leave a greasy feeling. Smoothing it over the skin lets its formula seep into the deeper layers of the skin to provide hydration. It feels silky and after some time of applying it, it leaves a velvety texture.

    This is perfect for all skin types and its mild formula has no associated risks of skin damage. Dehydrated skin benefits greatly from Nivea Crème. It is not only fit to use on the skin but also for the face.

    Other Uses for Nivea Crème

    There are various uses for Nivea Crème aside from using it as a moisturizer. If you’re prone to having blisters and cracked heels, applying it regularly will not only soothe it but also prevent it from happening again. With its amazing moisturizing ability, it is also great for the lips. Soothe drying and dullness with a small amount of Nivea Crème and see noticeable results.

    This is also a great alternative for makeup removers. It is not only affordable and safe, it also packs heavy moisture to replenish the lost moisture of the skin. Dip some facial wipes into Nivea Crème and smooth over the skin gently. It removes any traces of makeup!

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