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Face serums are a big hit in the beauty industry nowadays. Many people have tried using this skin care product and they have seen amazing results. Serums contain highly active ingredients that help rejuvenate your skin’s health. This skin care product is the perfect tool to fight bad impurities on your skin for a healthier look.  If you want to go the extra mile in your daily skin care routine, you may want to try Vitamin C Serum for starters.

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    The Role of Vitamin C Serum in Skin Health

    Usually, you take in vitamins to get rid of your skin issues but now it just got a whole lot better. Face serums are very easy to apply on your skin. Using vitamin C serum on your face can help give the right amount of vitamin C to help your skin stay fresh and healthy.

    What is vitamin C?

    Before talking about the vitamin C serum, you must understand what its active ingredient can do first. Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin found in most fruits and vegetables. This powerful antioxidant can bring many benefits to your overall health such as:

    • It prevents scurvy

    Scurvy is a condition where your tissues, bones, and blood vessels are weakened. Daily intake of vitamin C improves the production of collagen in the body to help prevent and treat scurvy and its symptoms as well.

    • It heals wounds

    Vitamin C has incredible healing properties that help treat scrapes and wounds fast. This vitamin promotes the growth of connective tissues, which speeds up the process of wound healing.

    • It combats stroke

    Vitamin C helps reduce the risk of stroke by maintaining the appropriate blood pressure in your body. It protects the body from free radicals to prevent any cardiovascular diseases from happening.

    Since the human body does not make vitamin C, you can easily have sufficient amounts of it. Adding vitamin C to your diet is the only way to maintain this essential vitamin in the body. Lack of vitamin C in the body slows down the production of collagen in the body. This causes various tissues in your body to break down and not function properly.

    Does vitamin C serum really work?

    Of course, it does! This antioxidant-rich serum contains beneficial ingredients your skin needs to stay healthy. Using this serum on your skin can improve your skin’s elasticity and immune system. It can repair skin problems caused by heat, smoke, and radiation.

    When you add vitamin C serum to your skin care routine, you will start seeing some noticeable changes and improvements on your skin in about two-three weeks.

    How should you apply vitamin C serum the right way?

    You should use the vitamin C serum on your skin every day right after toning and cleansing. Apply your sunblock over the serum in the morning and the appropriate moisturizer over it at night.

    If you are going to wear makeup, use the serum as a primer to protect your face while wearing makeup. Using the vitamin C serum as a base can help keep your makeup stay longer on your face too. Use the vitamin C serum twice a day daily for best results.

    If you cannot afford to buy serums now, do not worry. There are some alternatives to try while you save up for your vitamin C serum. Check out this page for the best face oils to use the skin.

    The Benefits of Vitamin C Serum on the Skin

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    There are many Vitamin C serums available in the market due to their growing popularity and amazing benefits. Since vitamin C serums are easy to apply, your skin gets all the nutrients from the serum effortlessly. Here are benefits when you use vitamin C serum on skin:

    • It enhances collagen production to keep skin young and firm

    The main benefit of vitamin C is that it stimulates the production of skin collagen by stimulating fibroblast activity. A fibroblast is the most common cell that produces collagen, which is 70% of your skin. Collagen is the most abundant form of protein in the body that keeps your skin plump and young.

    • It prevents stretch marks

    Vitamin C helps stimulate the collagen production in the skin. Collagen is needed to keep the skin look young, healthy, and firm. This protein is important because it enhances the flexibility of your skin. With enough supply of collagen, your skin is less likely to get damaged.

    • It protects skin from sun damage

    Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that kills free radicals caused by the UV damage of the sun. Using this antioxidant vitamin in serums reduce the formation of free radicals and the spread of sunburn as it lessens age spots and sun spots as well.

    • It fades hyperpigmentation and acne scars

    Vitamin C serums can lighten pigmentation and even out your skin tone by reducing the production of melanin on the skin. It treats acne scars by boosting collagen production on the skin. This vitamin C serum can reduce redness and inflammation from acne as well.

    • It speeds up sunburn healing

    Sunburns occur because of extensive UV damage. Sunburns can cause your skin cells to be damaged, which can result in skin cancer to most men and women. Gently applying the vitamin C serum on your sunburn can help speed up its overall healing process. It works by decreasing the burn’s damage and redness on the skin.

    • It hydrates and moisturizes dry skin

    Vitamin C Serums have collagen-boosting effects that improve the overall appearance of the skin. This serum decreases skin roughness by keeping it hydrated.

    • It helps prevent skin hardening or skin glycation

    Glycation is a reaction between sugar and protein that causes your skin to damage collagen molecules. This causes the skin to harden and become less supple. This can uneven your skin tone as it makes fine lines and wrinkles noticeable. Vitamin C serums can protect the skin by neutralizing glycation to prevent accelerated aging.

    Do you want to know more about serums and its benefits when applied to the skin? Check out this page to find out more about it here.

    Side Effects of Vitamin C Serum When Used on Skin

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    Even though vitamin C serums can do well on your skin, you still need to take extra precaution when using them. Since this antioxidant serum is highly potent, you must use this product with great caution and care to prevent the following side effects:

    • Irritation

    One of the most common side effects of using a Vitamin C serum is an irritation. This mostly happens to people with sensitive skin or who are allergic to Ascorbic acid. Irritation happens if you mix the vitamin C serum with retinol, Salicylic acid, lactic, and glycolic lactic as well. If you are still determined to use Vitamin C serums despite this side effect, consider using it in smaller dosage. You can start using the serum once every 2-3 days and work it out from there.

    • Breakouts

    Breakouts can happen due to the base of the Vitamin C serum. Some Vitamin C serums contain ingredients such as Ferulic acid to keep the shelf life of vitamin C serums last longer. This can cause problems on acne prone and sensitive skin.

    • Flaky Skin

    Flakes may occur if you use too much of the Vitamin C serum. Flaky skin can stop occurring once you use Vitamin C serum the right way. To prevent your skin from getting flaky, use a moisturizer after using the serum. This can help keep the appearance of flaky skin at bay when using vitamin C serums.

    If you want to take extra measures, you can always consult your doctor or dermatologist for the right dosage of vitamin C serum for you.

    Serums can really be a helping hand when it comes to skin care. Serums like vitamin C serum can protect your skin from the sun’s harsh UV rays as it keeps your skin younger-looking as well. If you want the best results for your skin, you should take in food that is rich in vitamin C while using the serum. This helps supply your skin right amounts of collagen for skin firming. Just be cautious when using the oil on the skin to prevent any damage or irritation from occurring.

    Do you want to know which vitamin C serums to get for your skin’s needs? Check out this page for the top quality vitamin C serums from best skin care brands here.

    Skin care is just one thing that I am really interested in. I love caring for my skin and I want to share with everyone my knowledge.

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