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Castor oil skin care products have steadily been gaining popularity because of its many uses and benefits that it provides the skin. Though castor oil for skin is more popular as a moisturizer, it can do more than that. It also helps fade scars and softens corns and calluses.

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    Castor Oil for Skin Softens Calluses and Corns

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    Corns and calluses are parts of the skin that have become thick and tough due to repeated friction on the skin. These usually occur in the hands and feet. What differentiates these two are that corns may have a soft inner core that feels tender to touch. Corns also occur in between toes. Wearing ill-fitting shoes is also a factor of having corns.

    To treat corns and calluses with castor oil, simply apply the oil directly on the affected area for a few days. The moisturizing ingredients in the oil can soften the calluses and corns to make it easier to trim down.

    Fade Scars with Castor Oil Skin Care

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    Scars are the skin’s way of healing itself after injury. It produces new skin to cover the break in the skin from the wound. Most people feel that scars are unsightly especially if it is in the exposed parts of the body. Most of these areas include the face, arms, and legs. As such, more and more people are opting for removal procedures to help them get rid of their scars. Unfortunately, these procedures are sometimes too expensive and can be painful.

    Using castor oil on these scars may naturally help fade them. With continued use, your once visible scars could become almost unnoticeable. To use castor oil in fading scars, massage a few drops of oil over the scar using gentle circular motions. The circular motion stimulates proper blood circulation. Massage for 3 minutes or more. Repeat the process twice a day for best results.

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