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The Rose Oil and Its Many Uses


Rose oil is a highly aromatic oil that has many uses in aromatherapy and massage therapy. It also provides plenty of benefits in the healing and overall wellness. This essence comes from thousands of rose petals. One small container of this essential oil can use up to 5000 roses. This is the reason why this natural skin care product is worth a lot.

Rose Oil Uses in Health and Wellness

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The fragrant this oil helps alleviate stressful feelings, anxiety, and depression. To do this, you only need to add a few drops of this wonderful oil to a diffuser or oil burner. As it diffuses into the air you will feel anxiety or stress start to subside. It has great effects when used in meditation. The oil can also assist in giving you a relaxing bath when added to your bath water or body wash.

Rose Oil for Skin

Rose Oil for Face

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    Rose Oil Uses in Skin Care

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    This oil is a moisturizing oil that contains vitamins and minerals that may help nourish the skin effectively. Before using the rose oil for skin care, you must proceed with caution. This essence is a very concentrated oil. Some people find that their skin got irritated after using it directly. To make sure that you don’t get the same experience, it is best to mix the potent oil with carrier oils such as almond, jojoba or coconut oil. You can also use rose oil for face care.

    Rose Oil Uses in Hair Care

    Similar to its uses in skin care, using it on hair may help add moisture to dry and dull hair. It also adds shine and luster to your locks. To use rose oil on your hair, apply a few drops of the essence in your favorite shampoo or conditioner. The oil’s moisturizing ingredients may aid in making your hair soft and smooth to touch.

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