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If you feel like your skin care regimen can use an upgrade, why not add some essential oils such as rose oil to your routine? Using rose oil for skin may provide benefits in skin care and give your boring oil regimen the boost that it needs. When using rose oil skin care can become a fragrant affair that you will enjoy doing every day.

Benefits of Using Rose Oil for Skin Care

Skin Care Living - Rose Oil for Skin

Rose oil contains high levels of moisturizing ingredients. When used on dry and dull skin, it may help make skin look more radiant and glowing. It may help lock in the skin’s natural oils giving you a more healthy complexion. Rose oil may also help in reducing the appearance of imperfections. Its moisturizing properties can help relieve dry skin. Your dark spots and patchy skin tone may also become more even and smoother with continued use of the rose oil. Other imperfections such as scars, fine lines and wrinkles may also benefit when rose oil is applied.

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    How to Use Rose Oil for Skin Care

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    The most common and effective ways to use rose oil in skin care is through topical applications. To apply oil on the skin, you will need to combine it with carrier oils to ensure that your skin will not get an allergic reaction. Rose oil is a very potent oil in its purest form. A combination of one part rose oil and three parts carrier oil is a great place to start. Make adjustments or lower the amount of rose oil to your liking. Prior to using the oil on your skin, test the combined oil on the underside of your wrist to see if you will get rashes due to the oil. If your arms get rashes, do not use the oil on any other parts of your body.

    Once you have the right mix of oils, apply the oil on your body, face, neck and décolleté. The oil will instantly be absorbed into your skin. It should not feel greasy or slippery.

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