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The Skin Toner Is A Must For Better Skin


If you have just started using skin care products, then the term skin toner might still be a mystery to you. What exactly is it? Why is it one of the most recommended skin care product to include in your facial skin care? These are just some of the questions we’ll answer here.

Skin Toner Guide: Finding the Best One and Effective Use

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    What is a skin toner?

    No matter what skin toner brands you use, a toner is a water-based liquid that contains active ingredients like essential oils and plant extracts. There are different types of toners and they come in different forms and sizes. Toners can come in the form of hydrating toners, soothing toners, astringent toners and calming toners. Nowadays there are also new varieties that contain pH Balancing Toner.

    What is an effective toner?

    As any skin toner guide suggests, an effective toner is the one that contains clarifying and energizing properties. Some of the best toners contain essential oils like Chamomile. These are the ones that you need to look out for. Avoid toners that contain alcohol; only use them if you have extra greasy or oily skin.

    How to use a skin toner?

    Wet your cotton pad with your chosen toner then rub it in circular motion on your face and neck to cleanse. Do this before sleeping at night to remove excess sebum and makeup on the skin. Then use your favorite skin care cream afterward to make the skin care regimen more effective and maximize skin toner benefits.

    Some of the most highly recommended toners in the market today are the ones that contain olive oil and green tea ingredients.  There is also natural skin care toners that you can create on your own, you can get a cup of green tea and mix honey, add some essential oils and store it in a cool place. After a while, you can use that as your natural skin toner. You can also add apple cider vinegar as part of your skin toner treatment.

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