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Skin Toner Guide: Finding the Best One and Effective Use


Skin toner is one of the essentials in every skin care kit. Rightfully so, toners deserve a sweet spot on our beauty kits. For those who are new to skin care, toners are your heroes in getting rid of harmful elements like dirt from the skin. Toners also help in removing chemical residue from makeup. They can also shrink those pores and give your skin a smooth and clear skin. To understand more about it, here’s an easy to understand skin toner guide for you.

Skin Care Living - Skin Toner Guide

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    Skin Toner Guide: Toners you can Get

    Just like any other beauty care products, toners come in different forms. This skin toner guide is here to help you know what your options are. These are the following:

    1. Regular toners – These skin toners are the ones that you will commonly see in the drugstore. These products are usually not a great choice. Most of these toners contain strong and harsh chemicals like alcohol. This can break the protective layers of the skin.
    2. Alcohol free toners – As their name suggests, these toners are the ones that do not contain alcohol. These toners are your best bet since most of them are also rich in organic and natural ingredients which are perfect for mild and effective skin cleansing. Alcohol free toners are a lot cheaper than specialized toners and you can easily get one from the drugstore.
    3. Micellar water – You can’t exactly classify them as toners. Since they are their own kind. The only difference is that they are milder and lighter on the skin.

    Skin Toner Guide in Using it Effectively

    Before hitting the sack, cleansing your skin thoroughly is vital. Use a mild toner and make sure that you wipe off all the chemicals and dirt from your skin. Never over exfoliate your skin since it can only stress the natural layers of the skin. Exfoliate at least twice a week and faithfully stick to your toner.

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