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Body Care Benefits of Argan Oil


Treat the body with nourishing oils that revive the skin. For better and greater results, it’s time to ditch commercial formulas for Argan oil’s rejuvenating properties. One drop of this oil takes your skin care routine to another level. And with its versatility? You’re going to enjoy this multi-purpose product that works well for all your advanced body care needs.

Use cosmetic Argan oil for body care.

Advancing body care routines means knowing what the skin needs and the best products to use on it. And with all the hype about organic skin care, Argan oil makes a name for itself. Find out more about its uses and benefits here.

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    Argan Oil Components for Body Care

    Argan oil is not only a moisturizer that keeps your skin soft and smooth all day long. Its uses and benefits put it on top of the list for the best body oils in the market. But the health benefits of Argan oil for the body are not all about magic.

    There are natural compounds found in Argan oil that are known to work effectively in nourishing and repairing skin damages. Cold-pressing the oil helps in keeping these compounds. Additional methods and practices in producing Argan oil tamper with its purity and the composition of the oil. Here are the two types of compounds that deliver the therapeutic effects of Argan oil.

    There are a lot of reasons to use Argan oil for body care due to its wide range of benefits.

    Essential Fatty Acids

    These substances are omega fatty acids that are good for the skin. They moisturize and hydrate deeply while also working their healing effects for the body. The top three essential fatty acids are oleic acid, linoleic acid, and palmitic acid.

    There are other fatty acids that the oil contains and each one has unique abilities that provide the repairing effects of Argan oil for skin. These are the substances that bring the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of the oil.


    Vitamin A and E are especially abundant in Argan oil. And aside from being two of the essential nutrients for skin health, they have other benefits linked to improving its state. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant. If you’re having problems with early signs of skin aging, they may be free radicals causing havoc on skin.

    Applying Argan oil for body helps prevent these free radicals from damaging the skin. With vitamin E, the oil also boosts skin cell renewal for an improved skin tone and texture. And with high-quality Argan oil, you can get all these vitamins and its benefits for your body.

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    Benefits of Using Argan Oil on Body

    Here are the known benefits of using Argan oil on the body. The properties of liquid gold are utilized to bring greater results for each one of its benefits.


    There are a lot of products that are moisturizing. Since technology even affects the field of beauty care, there are no shortages of advanced body care products that moisturize the skin well. But there are only a few that can retain this moisture for a long time.

    What makes Argan oil different from the sea of various body care products is that it improves the skin’s ability to hold and lock in the moisture for a long time. It prevents the evaporation of the water and keeps your skin soft and smooth. The essential fatty acids are just like the sebum that the skin produces. This is also why it absorbs well into the skin.

    Therapeutic Effects

    The answer to your skin care might just be products of Argan oil for body. There are a lot of formulas that are made to bring out the full potential of Argan oil when it comes to treating or soothing skin conditions. The therapeutic effects of this oil have reached far and wide.

    These products make it possible to heal and finally put an end to skin care woes. Pure Argan oil works just as fine for this purpose. But for worse or for specific cases of skin problems, special formulas are needed.

    Suffering from a skin problem? Learn about these products that can put an end to the issues bothering you. Be familiar with the needs of your skin and pick the right product!


    Called as an anti-aging oil, no one can deny that Argan oil keeps the skin firm, youthful, and glowing. It works not only for the face but also for the body. There are parts of the skin that shows aging. It can show in the sagging skin of the arms, or the loss of firmness on the hands.

    Applying Argan oil for skin is not only for hydration and moisture but also to boost the health of the skin and support its functions.

    Get glowing and healthy skin with the health benefits of Argan oil.

    Using Argan Oil for Body Care Issues

    Everyone, no matter what age or gender they are, suffers from some kind of skin care problem. It ranges from simple acne and pimples to worse conditions like eczema, stretch marks, psoriasis, and scarring. Remember that there’s no solution to permanently removing or treating these conditions.

    But applying Argan oil on the body might help improve the skin’s health or speed up the healing process to help fade and repair these issues. Here are four of the common skin issues that Argan oil can help treat.

    For Dry Skin

    Dry skin is not only due to the lack of moisture but also the hydration in the deeper layers. It affects other functions and characteristics of the skin such as collagen production and its elasticity. When you apply Argan oil on skin, you protect it from dryness and dehydration.

    The small molecular size of the oil reached deep into the skin to deliver water content and also locks in the moisture on the surface. It’s best to apply Argan oil during the morning and night for better moisture and hydration. Focus on areas that are commonly affected by conditions such as the elbows, knees, and hands.

    For Acne Breakouts

    It’s not only your face that suffers from acne breakouts. It can happen on any part of the body. But the usual areas affected by such condition are the back and the chest area. They may not be visible to the public eye but they can cause discomfort and even cause more problems. Argan oil has anti-inflammatory effects that soothe the swelling and help reduce the size of acne.

    The antibacterial property, on the other hand, prevents the spread of infection. Apply liberally after shower.

    For Hyperpigmentation

    This is a condition that only a few notice. There are spots in the body affected by hyperpigmentation. There are a lot of reasons for having those spots but one of the most common causes is prolonged exposure to the sun. Although Argan oil does not fade these spots, it helps improve skin tone.

    It contains vitamin E that is responsible for stimulating faster cell renewal which helps even out the color of your skin. You can use it as a moisturizer or serum every night to get noticeable results in weeks!

    For Sunburn or Rashes

    If you are suffering from rashes or a sunburn, you can also apply Argan oil for body. It soothes the pain while speeding up the healing process. The therapeutic effects are not limited to anti-inflammatory although it is primarily, the property that helps with this issue. Use as often as needed within a day to get faster results until completely healed.

    Apply Argan oil on skin to prevent premature skin aging.

    Alternative Uses of Argan Oil for Body

    What makes Argan oil a product worthy of a celebrity’s attention is because of its wide range of uses. Due to the flexibility of this oil, you can utilize it in various ways. Here are the alternative uses of Argan oil for body.

    1 | Improving Nail Strength

    Nails are also part of body care. But this is an area often overlooked because of the lack of products made for it. Argan oil’s natural compounds work perfectly well in improving the strength of the nails. Wave goodbye to brittle and yellowed nails.

    2 | Softening Heels and Calluses

    Women are not the only ones suffering from having hard skin on the heels or calluses on the feet. Applying Argan oil on feet or soaking in a warm water with this oil improves the softness of the heels and calluses. It also helps remove them completely to give you soft and smooth feet free from calluses.

    3 | Protecting Skin from Risks of Shaving

    There are days that you’ve just exhausted your supply of shaving cream and you badly need to get rid of the hair on your legs or underarms, the best alternative is Argan oil. It does not only help the blade slide smoother over the skin. It even preps the hair for easy removal. And more than that, you can protect the follicles and the outermost layer of skin from damage.

    4 | Treating Skin Damages

    Everyday skin damages range from simple cuts to rashes, and even razor burns! Women and men suffer from these difficulties. If you have a sunburn, a razor burn, breakouts, or conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, try the healing effects of Argan oil for smoother, softer skin. And it keeps the skin safe from toxic ingredients that are often found in commercial formulas.

    Find out more about these skin issues and how to treat them. Solve the problem before it gets worse! A drop of high-quality Argan oil does the trick.

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