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Argan Oil for Nails

Argan Oil Benefits for Nail Care


When you say advanced body care routine, it means to take good care of the whole body including the ones that we often neglect to remember. This also includes the nails. Imagine having dainty and soft hands but brittle, and jagged nails. While there are various factors that can cause this, there are also a lot of other ways to prevent it from happening.

Use Argan oil for nail care to get stronger and healthier nails.

Argan oil has a lot of benefits for the skin. And these benefits are also good for the nails. Every day, the health and state of the nails deteriorate. It could be due to one’s diet, an underlying condition, or habits that prove to be damaging to the nails. But by using Argan oil, you prevent further damage from happening.

Explore the benefits of using Argan oil for nails and how it helps protect the cuticles from damage. Know how the compounds and therapeutic effects of Argan oil nourish the nails for a stronger and healthier growth.

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    Why Use Argan Oil on Nails

    Taking care of the nails is also part of the hygiene. Having brittle and dirty nails could reflect your habits and lifestyle. But if you can’t help stop the chipping of your nails, you might want to try Argan oil. It is easy to use as a nail drop and it does not only improve the color of the cuticles but also strengthens the nails.

    If you suffer from other conditions, this is also the perfect treatment. Pure Argan oil is versatile. So if you have a bottle at home that you use for hair care, you can also use it for the nails.

    Argan oil easily counters the damages that your nails receive every day. It could be due to habits such as biting or picking the nails. But one of the main reasons is the use of commercial products that contain harsh ingredients. We become used to detergents without knowing that they are damaging the nails. But Argan oil is here to rescue you from having thin and brittle nails!

    Even painting nails with nail polish can cause cause it some damage.

    How Argan Oil Affects Nails

    Argan oil has a lot of natural compounds that make it healthy for the skin and hair. But these compounds also work for the nails. When you use Argan oil for nails, you improve its health and state while preventing damages from happening.

    Argan oil is not only for maintaining the health of the nails and cuticles but also to protect them from getting damaged. Here are the common causes of damaged nails.

    Common Causes of Nail Damage

    Nails are susceptible to damages even by simple acts such as washing hands with soap or using commercial shampoos. Harsh ingredients like detergent and alcohol affect the nails and make it more brittle. Here are also other common causes of nail damage.

    • Frequent use of nail polish and nail polish remover.
    • Scraping harshly on nails when cleaning it.
    • Picking on the cuticles and lifting them off of the nails.
    • Using harsh formulas of soaps and shampoos.
    • Nail picking or biting
    • Not using moisturizers on hands.

    Nails are pretty thin which is why it’s easy to break them when they are not taken care of. The use of harsh ingredients also chips away on the protective layers of the nail to make it more prone to damage.

    Wondering which part of your skin care routine affects the health of your nails? Visit this page to get to know your nail care more.

    How Argan Oil Helps Nail Growth

    Argan oil is no miracle worker. While it’s true that it keeps the skin youthful and radiant, there are also reasons behind these effects. It contains natural compounds that are healthy for the skin and for nails. When applied regularly, it boosts the biological function of the body. This also works with nails.

    The essential fatty acids and vitamins prove to be effective in preventing the damages. While it doesn’t completely treat nail damage, it helps speed up the healing. Because of its ability to moisturize nails for a long time, it prevents dryness which ultimately leads to brittleness.

    What makes Argan oil a better choice of product for nails is that it also provides natural compounds that are essential for its health. Plus, you won’t need nail polishes since it can already make your nails look shiny and strong. Its moisturizing effects will soften the cuticles and help give it a pinkish color. You can also enjoy the healing benefits of Argan oil. It works even for yellow nails.

    Even your skin care products can cause damage to your nails.

    3 Argan Oil Benefits for Nails

    Argan oil is not only a great moisturizing product. The omega fatty acids and vitamins help improve the health of the nails. Here are three important benefits you can get from using Argan oil for nails.

    1 | Soften Cuticles and Strengthen Nails

    What makes nails weak is the dryness that further aggravates the brittleness. To prevent this, you can use Argan oil nail drops to moisturize the nails and soften cuticles. This is important for its health because it can later cause deformations and other issues with nail care.

    It also improves the color of the nail bed to give it a pinkish color. For a glossy look, the moisture is essential since it will help improve the shine of the nails.

    2 | Prevents Brittleness

    Brittleness is just another sign of nail damage. Because of the dryness, the nails are more prone to breakage. When nails are brittle, you might find some signs such as ridges and lines forming on nails. They can easily chip and cause bigger problems in the future.

    But because Argan oil hydrates even the layer of skin around the nails, you don’t have to worry about the brittleness. Regular use ensures that it is continually moisturized and hydrated.

    3 | Heals Damaged Cuticles

    Damaged cuticles can form in so many ways. The ridge of the skin where the nail starts to show can easily get cuts. This gets infected most of the time and cause discomfort for you. An ingrown can also be a sign of cuticle damage. But when you use Argan oil for nails, you get the anti-inflammatory effects and the antibacterial properties that help protect it from infection and further damage.

    For more information about skin conditions and damages, here’s a guide. Know how to treat these issues by getting familiar with your skin.

    How to Apply Argan Oil for Nails

    Argan oil is easy to use as a nail drop. There are also no risks to its application. But for greater results, here’s the right way to apply Argan oil on nails.

    1. Make sure to clean feet and hands before applying the oil. Pat dry with a towel. This ensures that there are no bacteria and dirt trapped in the nails or around the skin.
    2. Use a cotton swab and dip lightly in Argan oil. Using a cotton swab helps minimize the mess of the application.
    3. Cover the entire nail with the oil and let it dry. You can also apply it to the skin around the nails to help protect the nail from lifting from the bed.

    You can also use it in a hand or feet soak and put a few drops of Argan oil to boost their effects. It’s also best to use Argan oil after applying a nail polish or after removing it. This helps the nails and cuticles recover from the harsh ingredients in their formulas.

    Argan oil has a lot of properties that ensure the health of the nails.

    Argan Oil Recipes for Nails

    Moisturizing Nail Lotion

    • 4 teaspoons of cider vinegar
    • 10-15 drops Argan oil


    1. Prepare a clean dark-colored glass bottle. It helps prevent chemical reactions that often happen with plastic containers.
    2. Mix the cider vinegar and Argan oil.
    3. Shake well before using.
    4. Apply on nails and surrounding area using a cotton swab. Do this two times daily for best results.

    Homemade Cuticle Cream

    • 2 tablespoons of Argan oil
    • 2 tablespoons of almond oil
    • 1 ½ tablespoon of beeswax pastilles
    • 2 tablespoon Shea butter
    • A few drops of vitamin E oil
    • Blend of Essential Oil
      • 20 drops of base note – Woodsy and delicate scents such as sandalwood and rose mixes well with Argan oil.
      • 10 drops of middle note – Should have a rounded fragrance that helps the transition of the top note to the base note. Herbaceous and floral scents like lavender work well with Argan oil.
      • 10 drops of top note – Citrusy or fruity fragrances are great choices.


    1. Heat a pot filled with water covering up to 3 inches in height. Place over low-medium heat.
    2. Use a glass container and put in the Shea butter, the oils, and the beeswax. Position it in the middle of the pot.
    3. Stir the mixture until the butter and wax combine without any lumps.
    4. Remove from heat and add the blend of essential oils and vitamin E oil.
    5. Transfer to a clean container once cool. Cover with lid and store in a dry place away from sunlight.

    Apply this during the night or morning after showering to soften cuticles and improve its color. It also gives the nails a shiny look.

    Make sure to pick a high-quality product for enhanced results. Know how to choose formulas for the skin and nails. Here’s a short guide to knowing your products better.

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