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Castor Oil for Hair Growth

Better Hair Growth with Castor Oil


Your skin and hair are like two peas in a pod. These parts of your body need proper care and nourishment to be able to grow healthy. However, if the skin lacks the proper care and essential nutrients, hair can be affected as well. Make sure this does not happen. Use the right products such as castor oil for hair growth to give not just your skin, but also your hair the proper nourishment for growth and protection it needs to stay healthy.

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    Skin Problems That Castor Oil for Hair Growth Can Cure

    If your skin has issues, your hair’s growth process may be affected too. Although, this does not mean your hair would not grow back; it will. It may grow slower than the average phase of hair growth. The infection on your skin may hinder the process of hair growth, which slows down the production and growth of hair on your follicles.

    Many skin diseases can contribute to hair problems that often lead to hair loss. Do not worry because castor oil for hair growth will surely help your hair strands conquer hair-threatening skin conditions. Here are some common skin conditions that castor oil for hair growth can treat:

    • Ringworm

    Now, before you put on those disgusted expressions, ringworm has nothing to do with worms crawling onto your skin. This skin condition is actually a fungal infection that can occur anywhere on the body. The fungus gets into the hair fibers, which makes the hair brittle and weak. These results bald patches of skin. It usually develops on the scalp that causes patches of hair loss. The patches create the appearance of what looks like a ring with an itchy and red lining around it.

    Castor oil has antibacterial properties and Ricinoleic acid that can fight off ringworm. With continued use on the scalp, castor oil can help clear off the irritating round patches caused by the said skin condition. Healthy hair growth will soon follow once patches on scalp start slowly fading away.

    • Folliculitis

    Folliculitis is a common skin condition where hair follicles become irritated. This skin condition is caused by bacterial or fungal infection. At first, it may look like small red bumps or white-headed pimples around the hair follicles. As the condition progresses, the infection spreads and turns into non-healing crusty sores. There are two main types of folliculitis: the superficial folliculitis and the deep folliculitis. The superficial type only involves only parts of the hair follicle. The deep type involves the entire hair follicle making this type of Folliculitis more severe.

    Castor oil has antifungal properties that may help eliminate the fungal infection of Folliculities. This oil may help lessen the appearance of the small red and white bumps found on the skin to be able to unclog the hair’s follicles for proper hair growth.

    • Piedra Fungus Infection

    Piedra Fungus Infection is a skin condition that happens when the hair fibers are infected by a fungus. There are two types of Piedra fungal infection: the black piedra and the white piedra. A yeast-like fungus called Trichospron causes the white piedra. White piedra is not contagious, unlike the black type. The black piedra, however, is very difficult to remove on the hair strands. It happens more in the scalp hair and not in facial or body hair.

    Ricinoleic acid is a major component of castor oil that can help eliminate fungus causing infection on skin and hair. Once the fungal infection is gone, hair will grow long and thicker strands.

    • Demotex folliculorum

    Demodex folliculorum is a type of mite that lives within the hair follicles that feeds on dead skin cells of human skin. These mites tend to be most prevalent around the eyes, affecting the lids. There may be a risk of having alopecia, spot baldness if the inflammation caused by the mite cannot be stopped.

    Castor Oil has great antibacterial and antiviral properties that work well at slowly killing mites on the scalp. Castor oil’s anti-inflammatory properties can help lessen the irritation caused by Demodex Folliculorum so that hair can grow back too.

    • Seborrheic Dermatitis

    Seborrheic dermatitis is a chronic skin condition that causes patches of red, flaky, and greasy skin, which are often very itchy. It commonly affects the scalp where it can result in dandruff. This skin condition does not really cause hair loss. However, some people who suffer from Seborrheic dermatitis experience excessive hair fall caused by non-stop scratching because of scalp irritation.

    The anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil will soothe and calm down the appearance of red, itchy skin on the scalp. Using castor oil can help reduce hair fall and help hair grow back again.

    Read more on ways to keep skin healthy and free from these hair threatening skin infections in this next article.

    How Castor Oil for Hair Growth Affects Hair

    Castor oil is a magical potion for any hair problems. Whether you have thinning hair, frizz, or hair loss problems caused by skin conditions, this oil can help solve almost every hair issue laid on the table. Castor oil’s many nutrients such as Ricinoleic acid, vitamin E, omega-9 and 6 fatty acids, and proteins make the oil a great moisturizing product that helps grow healthy hair.

    Benefits of Castor Oil for Hair

    To get healthy hair growth you should look into a multitude of factors such as skin care, overall hair health, nutrition, and hair care routine. Castor oil is an ideal hair growth solution because it gives your hair all it needs to make it grow thick and healthy. Here are a few benefits of castor oil for hair growth:

    • Castor Oil for Hair Growth Reduces Split Ends

    Split ends are signs of brittle and dry hair. This hair problem is caused by overuse of hot styling tools. Excessive application of chemical hair treatments such as bleaching, straightening, and perming is another reason why hair becomes dry and more prone to split ends. These hair styling methods often result to damaged keratin or hair’s most basic building block. Castor oil for hair growth fills in the gaps of keratin in the hair shaft. It increases the hair’s strength to make it less prone to splitting and breakage.

    • Castor Oil for Hair Growth Treats Dandruff

    Dandruff is a scalp condition that causes flakes to appear. This hair condition is usually accompanied by itching due to increased sebum production. Castor oil for hair growth has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties that make it an effective treatment for dandruff. The Ricinoleic acid in the oil works to maintain the scalp’s pH-balance. This makes the scalp an unfavorable environment for dandruff.

    • Castor Oil for Hair Growth Controls Hair Fall

    Hair fall is a common hair condition that everyone experiences. Hair fall happens when hair grows weak causing it to break easily. If not treated properly, hair fall can become a major hair loss problem that may be harder to cure. The ricinoleic acid present in castor oil for hair growth improves blood circulation to your scalp as well as strengthens your roots. This improves the follicle and scalp health to reduce hair fall.

    • Castor Oil for Hair Growth Darkens Hair Strands

    Dirt gathered from pollution can make your hair look dull and lifeless. Castor oil for hair growth can help bring your hair to its natural dark color because of its humectant effects that enable the hair to retain the moisture it needs to increase its dark shade. The fatty acids present in castor oil will form a protective layer on your hair to protect your hair strands from sun damage and loss of color.  Castor oil for hair growth can form a protective layer on the scalp to your hair follicles to be able to protect it from heat and other environmental factors.

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    • Castor Oil for Hair Growth Protects Hair From Frizz

    Frizzy hair is the root of all bad hair days. Your daily commute and too much humidity in the air can be the cause of your frizzy hair. These two cannot be avoided at times so the best thing to do to keep frizz away is to apply castor oil. Castor Oil replenishes the natural oils in your scalp to make the hair shinier and smoother. The oil has antioxidants that support keratin in hair as well. Keratin in hair can make the hair grow strong and tame frizz.

    Does Castor Oil Make Hair Grow Faster?

    Castor oil does, indeed, make your hair grow fast if used daily. Castor oil’s natural antiviral and antimicrobial properties can make it a popular treatment for skin problems and fungal infections. It can serve as a treatment for dry scalp and other scalp conditions to be able to promote better hair growth.

    Some people claim that continuous use of castor oil for a month can spur hair growth of up to three to five times the normal rate. Castor oil is high in vitamin E and contains essential fatty acids like omega-6 and Ricinoleic acid that stimulates blood circulation on the surface of skin. In this way, castor oil can increase the rate of your hair growth to reveal beautiful, long hair strands.

    Components of Castor Oil for Hair Growth

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    Aside from castor oil’s natural antiviral and antimicrobial properties, it is rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids such as Ricinoleic acid, Oleic acids, and Linoleic acid that help stimulate hair growth.

    Castor oil’s Ricinoleic acid increases the production of the lipid compound called Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2). High levels of Prostaglandin E2 is known as one of the factors needed for healthy hair growth. Meanwhile, castor oil’s Oleic acids (Omega-9) and Linoleic Acid (Omega-6) stimulates hair growth by maintaining healthy scalp conditions. These fatty acids can control moisture loss in your hair to keep those hair strands hydrated.

    Vitamin E has antioxidant properties that help reduce free radical damage to protect the body’s cells. Vitamin E can turn frizzy, damaged, and unmanageable hair into shiny, luscious locks worthy of a shampoo commercial.

    The Effectiveness of Castor Oil for Growing Hair

    The evidence for castor oil’s effectiveness in hair growth is based on its daily usage. With everyday use of castor oil for hair growth, you can notice how much your hair has changed within after a month or two. If you have temporary hair loss caused by a fungus or bacteria on the scalp, castor oil can help lessen, if not cure, its effects on your hair. However, no matter how miraculous castor oil may seem to hair growth, you must seek an advice from your doctor or a hair expert before applying castor oil for hair growth to prevent, if any, further irritations.

    How to Use Castor Oil for Hair Growth

    Castor oil has many benefits for the hair and there is a lot of ways to apply it as well. You can apply it directly on the affected body part. You can even add it to your favorite skin care and hair care products. Some people might suggest that you should ingest it. If you are going to drink it, make sure that a doctor has prescribed you to do so. Here are some ways you can apply castor oil for hair growth:

    Applying Directly Everyday

    For those who want long and healthy strands, applying castor oil for hair everyday can help make your hair grow fast. Here is how:

    1. Apply 2 to 3 drops of oil on your palm.
    2. Rub both palms until oil is evenly spread onto your palm.
    3. Place hands on the top of your scalp and gently it massage from root to tip.
    4. After massaging the castor oil onto hair, use a wide tooth comb to help even out the oil from root to tip.
    5. Leave it overnight.
    6. Rinse with lukewarm water the next morning.

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    Mix with Other Essential Oils

    You can apply castor oil to your hair directly to improve hair growth and prevent loss. If you want to get more benefits, you can always mix different essential oils with your castor oil to increase the oil’s hair growing properties. Here are some essential oils that you can use with castor oil for healthy hair growth:

    • Castor Oil and Coconut Oil

    Castor oil is quite thick. Blending it with other potent oils can make it easier to apply. If you are suffering from hair loss, this duo is a must-try. Castor oil with coconut oil is a match made in heaven. The antimicrobial properties and hair and scalp-nourishing abilities of both oils form an excellent treatment that prevents scalp infections that may lead to hair loss.

    • Castor Oil and Olive Oil

    Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants that help reverse hair damage to give you luxuriant locks. The fatty acids present in both the oils can nourish the hair follicles to accelerate hair growth.

    • Castor Oil and Almond Oil

    Almond oil contains nutrients that are essential to hair growth such as magnesium, zinc, and vitamin E. Combining both oils can nourish and replenish mineral deficiencies, which is a major contributing factor to hair loss.

    • Castor Oil and Mustard Oil

    Mustard oil is popular for improving hair growth. The golden-colored oil owes its color to beta-carotene. The beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A in our body, which is good for hair and skin. Both castor oil and mustard oil provide healthy blends of fatty acids that further strengthen hair follicles to promote hair growth.

    • Castor Oil and Rosemary Oil

    Rosemary oil is the most revered one when it comes to hair troubles. This volatile oil is known to prevent baldness and premature graying. It promotes hair growth by increasing blood circulation in the scalp. Mixing rosemary oil with castor oil can improve hair growth and prevent hair loss.

    • Castor Oil and Lavender Oil

    Lavender oil is next in line for promoting better hair growth. Mixing castor oil with this oil can increase blood circulation in your scalp to promote healthy hair growth. Lavender has antibacterial properties that help reduce dandruff, which is a common barrier to hair growth.

    • Castor Oil and Lemon oil

    Lemon oil effectively eliminates dandruff. Lemon oil and castor oil can work together as a scalp cleanser that unclogs pores to improve hair growth.

    Learn more about castor oil and its effects on skin. Check out Skin Care Living’s article on using castor oil as an all natural treatment.

    Adding Castor Oil for Hair Growth to Hair Care Products

    You have learned how to apply castor oil for hair growth directly onto skin and by mixing it with the right essential oils. Now is the time that you should know about adding castor oil for hair growth onto your hair products as well. Adding castor oil for hair growth to your hair care products such as shampoos and conditioners can help nourish your hair strands more. This upgrade in your shampoos and conditioners can make your hair grow up to twice the speed well. This will help you and your hair achieve long and better locks.

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    How to Remove Castor Oil Easily from Hair?

    Castor oil has a thick and sticky consistency. That means washing this oil off your hair can be a tough task as well. Here are some hair-washing tips that you can use to lather castor oil for hair growth easily

    • Using lukewarm water

    Use lukewarm water to wet your scalp and hair. Using lukewarm water enables the castor oil to loosen its grip on your scalp and hair strands. This will help rinse off castor oil from hair easily.

    • Use a leave-in conditioner

    Apply some leave-in conditioner to your hair and tips. Keep it on for three to five minutes. The silky formula of the leave-in conditioner makes the castor oil easy to rinse off from your scalp to your hair strands.

    Side Effects of Using Castor Oil for Hair Growth

    Castor oil has no known side effects when applied to hair strands for hair growth. However, if you are suffering from hair-threatening skin conditions, you must consult a doctor before applying castor oil for hair growth. Despite castor oil’s great benefits on hair, some people may actually be allergic to it since this oil came from castor seeds. It is best to seek advice from a hair professional or a doctor, to prevent any further irritations that may lead to worsen the disease.

    The road to healthy hair starts with good skin. Take care of skin problems that can affect hair growth by eating a balanced diet, practicing a good skin and hair care routine, and using castor oil for hair growth. If you notice excess hair on your combs or shower drains, act on it as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

    Skin care is just one thing that I am really interested in. I love caring for my skin and I want to share with everyone my knowledge.

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