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Every day, our skin is subject to all kinds of damages. One of the most common and sadly also the most annoying is the breakout of acne! There are all sorts of skin treatment processes done just for this one. However, most of these “effective” acne skin care products will either dry up the skin or strip off its protective layers while getting rid of the acne.

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Acne skin care products often contain strong chemicals that can indeed get rid of your acne. These products take a toll on the skin by breaking its protective layers.

Acne Skin Care Products to Try

If you have an acne-prone skin, it is best to stick with the products that are compatible with sensitive skin. The last thing that you want to do is push some buttons on your skin to activate more acne with strong chemicals. Here are some of the acne skin products that you must have:

  1. Essential oils – There is a common belief that oil products are taboo for oily or acne prone skin. However, essential oils can actually help control the production of oil on the skin. They are made with organic ingredients so they can be mild for the skin with the right carrier oils.
  2. Electric exfoliator (Clarisonic) – Electric exfoliators can magically scrub your skin through the pores without agitating it. This is perfect if you want to remove acne-causing dirt without damaging the skin.

Routine for your Acne Skin Care Products

After calling it a day, wash your face with an acne skin care soap that is purely organic. Use your exfoliator brush twice a week to get rid of the deeply soaked dirt on your skin. After this, moisturize your skin or use your weekly facial mask and let your skin soak.

You may then proceed to use your acne skin care products and you can choose to let it soak overnight.

Acne Skin Products

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