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Figuring out the perfect skin treatment for yourself is not a simple task. And no, if you think that you can survive without the least bit of skin care, start reconsidering it! There are all sorts of skin types. One of the most common and hard to work around with is oily skin. If you have an oily skin, you tend to stray from too much skin products since it only weighs your skin down. You already feel like your skin is carrying tons of oils and it just feels uncomfortable if you just simply pack it up with all sorts of product.

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The General Rule for Oily Skin

The very first rule that we commonly hear is that beauty oil is a taboo for oily skin. However, this is not at all true. In fact, some beauty oils or essential oils can even help reduce the oil that your skin produces. Remember that our skin oils up because our body feels the need to produce more oil and protect it from all sorts of damages. The health of your skin comes from within so it is important to keep your body and diet in check!

Tips for treating Oily Skin

For now, let’s map out some of the actual helpful tips to control oily skin.

  1. Strong cleansers will not normalize your skin – For those with dry skin, a strong cleanser is a big no-no. It will only dry up and cause irritations. Unfortunately, harsh cleansers are also not the way for those with oily skin. Using a gentle cleanser can help control the oil and balance the nutrients of your skin.
  2. Rely on experts – There’s nothing wrong in trying out DIY oily skin products. Just make sure that you know what you’re doing. Get enough information about the ingredients and it greatly helps if you can cross check it with your dermatologist.
  3. Quality products only – In every skin type, high-quality products are important. Choosing your products wisely can spare you from a lot of damages. You can also guarantee that you will get exactly what the product promises to give.

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