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Top 10 Best Argan Oil Brands


Natives from Morocco have been pressing the argan nut to extract its oil for many years. They often use argan oil as nourishment for their skin and hair – a true secret to Moroccan beauty. One of the main reasons why argan oil is therapeutic is because it is rich in vitamin A and E. The vitamin A and vitamin E helps boost cell production while promoting healthy skin and hair. Argan oil is high in omega 9 and 6 fatty acids, which helps reduce inflammation and acne. This oil can increase the skin’s moisture levels by improving its elasticity. Argan oil can make a perfect leave-in conditioner because of its non-greasy properties. This oil helps to tame frizz and split ends by protecting your hair strands against heat. However, the benefits of argan oil do not just stop there. It can treat your nails as well. This oil will not only condition your nails. It will help keep your cuticles moisturized to prevent painful hangnails.

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    Top Brands for Argan Oil

    1. Shiny Leaf Organic Argan Oil

    Shiny Leaf Argan Oil sits at the top 1 spot in Top 10 Argan Oil Brands.

    Add-ons: None

    Price: $13.95

    Size: 4 fl. oz. | 120 ml

    Rating: 4.9

    Shiny Leaf Premium Cold Pressed Argan Oil is rich in nutrients that work on your skin and hair to give it proper nourishment. The oil has great hair moisturizing properties that nourishes each hair strand to keep your locks smooth and luxuriant. The oil is quick to absorb on the skin’s layers as it targets dry and damaged skin. With continued use, you can have young-looking skin and soft long locks too.

    2. Aria Starr Argan Oil

    Aria Starr Argan Oil follows at rank 2 in Top 10 Argan Oil Brands.

    Add-ons: None

    Price: $9.95

    Size: 1 fl. oz. | 30 ml

    Rating: 4.8

    Aria Starr Premium Argan Oil is organic and of premium quality. This oil is rich in antioxidants that help make your wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging disappear. It also acts as a hair conditioner that works great in giving off a natural glossy finish to your hair strands.

    3. Viva Naturals Argan Oil

    Top 3 belongs to Viva Naturals Argan Oil in Top 10 Argan Oil Brands.

    Add-ons: None

    Price: $12.61

    Size: 4 fl. oz. | 118 ml

    Rating: 4.7

    Viva Naturals Organic Argan Oil is rich in vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids that gives natural moisture to your skin, hair, and nails. The oil’s ingredients help lock-in moisture into your skin making it soft, smooth, and radiant. It makes a great carrier oil to add onto your shampoos and conditioners because it provides hair nourishment as well.

    4. Pura D’Or Argan Oil

    Pura D’Or Argan Oil

    Add-ons: None

    Price: $24.99

    Size: 4 fl. oz. | 118 ml

    Rating: 4.6

    Pura D’ Or Argan Oil is a natural moisturizer free from harsh chemicals. It is rich in fatty acids known for its intense moisturizing properties for skin and hair. This oil nourishes the hair strands to tame frizz and control split ends. It deeply hydrates the skin’s layers to improve your skin’s complexion and elasticity.

    5. Art Naturals Argan Oil

    Art Naturals Argan Oil

    Add-ons: One (1) glass dropper

    Price: $10.95

    Size: 4 fl. oz. | 118 ml

    Rating: 4.5

    Art Naturals Cold Pressed Argan Oil has fast absorbing abilities that quickly nourishes your hair, skin, and nails to improve its overall appearance. The oil contains protective properties that shield your skin from environmental free radicals. It helps minimize the signs of aging helping you reveal healthy and youthful-looking skin with every use.

    6. VoilaVe Argan Oil

    ViolaVe Argan Oil

    Add-ons: None

    Price: $14.95

    Size: 4 fl. oz. | 120 ml

    Rating: 4.4

    ViolaVe 100% Organic Argan Oil is high on vitamin E and essential fatty acids ideal to treat damaged hair, skin and nails. This oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help target acne on skin without causing irritation. It works well as a cuticle moisturizer that prevents peeling, splitting, and breaking of the nails too.

    7. Agadir Argan Oil

    Agadir Argan Oil

    Add-ons: None

    Price: $40.00

    Size: 4 fl. oz. | 118 ml

    Rating: 4.3

    Agadir Argan Oil contains 100% pure and certified argan oil. This oil is rich with vitamin E that works great as a daily hair treatment. It contains an alcohol-free formula that fights against dry, brittle, and frizzy hair. The oil nourishes dry and itchy scalp for healthier hair and hair growth.

    8. Majestic Pure Cold Pressed Argan Oil

    Majestic Pure Cold Pressed Argan Oil

    Add-ons: One (1) glass dropper

    Price: $14.95

    Size: 4 fl. oz. | 118 ml

    Rating: 4.2

    Majestic Pure Argan Oil is made from high-quality Moroccan nuts. This oil is rich in vitamin E, which is beneficial for hair, skin, and nails. It hydrates hair to make it smooth and manageable and gives proper nourishment for stronger hair strands. This oil has quick absorbing properties that help the nutrients from the oil to be easily absorbed by the skin without any oily residues.

    9. US Organic Argan Oil

    US Organic Argan Oil

    Add-ons: One (1) glass dropper

    Price: $15.99

    Size: 4 fl. oz. | 115 ml

    Rating: 4.1

    US Organic Pure Argan Oil is rich in Ricinoleic acid and essential fatty acids that have anti-aging benefits. It revitalizes wrinkles, fine lines, and damaged skin to improve skin elasticity. The oil has anti-inflammatory properties that help treat acne, psoriasis, and eczema. Us Organic Argan Oil is cruelty-free and it is not tested on animals as well.

    10. Orchid and Temple Argan Oil

    Orchid and Temple Argan Oil

    Add-ons: None

    Price: $11.00

    Size: 4 fl. oz. | 118 ml

    Rating: 4

    Orchid and Temple Argan oil is an all-natural and unrefined oil. It is rich in essential fatty acids that quickly absorbs onto skin. This oil acts as a face exfoliator that works through dry and damaged skin to improve the skin’s elasticity and support cell regeneration. It works best on hair repair and nail strengthening too.

    If you want to upgrade your everyday routine from head to the tips of your toes, argan oil is truly a must-have product to get from stores. However, you do not just buy argan oil and expect amazing results. Argan oil should be unrefined and cold pressed in order to give wonderful benefits. That is why we are here to help you by guiding you through the finest argan oils from these top 10 argan oil brands to make sure you get the right goodness in every drop.

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